Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics

WellSense Energy has been involved in an extensive program to introduce DTS/DAS technology into different applications of well monitoring. The outcome of this program has set new grounds for well logging techniques and well interventions with Eline or coil tubing. The continuous fiber signal along the well bore provides a clear understanding of well and reservoir flow characteristics and provides guidance to the intervention process.
WellSense Energy Fiber Optics
WellSense Energy

Gas Lift Monitoring

Differentiate between injection at Gas Lift Valve (GLV) or from a tubing leak/packer if the cooling is not aligned with the GLV.

Detect sequence of injection during well startup, quickly identify faulty valves.

Detect unstable operation/injection (slugging), which may indicate improperly sized GLV.

WellSense Energy

Well Integrity & Abandonment

DTS and DAS fibre combinations have consistent reliability into detecting these leaks and cross flow.

Detect leaks behind pipes and guide perf & squeeze jobs.

Detect cross flow along well span.

Superior to a noise log which only measures amplitude.

Flow contribution with Fiber Optics

Combined DTS and DAS fibres signals can serve as a continuous production logging along the entire well trajectory. Fibres are a passive measuring technique that does not influence complex flow regimes in horizontal wells.

E - Coil Thermal Well Ranging Service

Infill SAGD wells experience elevated temperatures, WellSense energy developed a cooled coil tubing application where the magnetic tools emitter, MGT, is deployed by a coil tubing string that also functions as a cooling fluid conduit to reduce the temperature below the MGT rating and hence avoids wasting rig time.

Production Logging

Adding fibres to E-line used for production logging turns the measurement from single point into distributed signal along the entire well span. This helps to eliminate the shortcomings of the conventional production logging techniques.


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